Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week Quince LOVE

In the spirit of Valentine´s Day, I´ll share my favorite scripture about LOVE. <3 Genesis 29:20 ¨And Jacob served seven years for Rachel; and they seemed unto him but a few days, for the love he had to her.¨ Isn´t that just so sweet and romantic?? ¨...they seemed unto him but a few days...¨ Every girl deserves a guy like Jacob.

I got a haircut this week. We were at one of the members´ houses and I said something about needing a haircut and then found out that the member knew how to cut hair. She was scared to do it because she didn´t want to mess up my hair. Jaja. But she did a good job. It was only a little trim, so not much different. I want my long hair back; like how it was in high school. :) I hope it´s long again by the time I get home.

Speaking of my hair, I significantly more honks and whistles this week than in weeks past. I always thought it was kind of funny because it´s so rediculous, but this week it started to bug me. It´s like, get a life people!! I feel like wherever I got, I can´t hide. Instead, I´m the center of attention, just because my hair is a different color. Hijole!

Hijole (pronounced ee-ho-lay) is my new favorite Spanish word. It´s just kind of a filler word or exclamation when something happens. :)

We had stake conference yesterday and Saturday night

. The topic was missionary work. They had all the full-time missionaries stand up at one point and when we sat back down my companion said ¨I feel very important.¨ Jaja I thought that was cute. It was a good conference. I actually understood a lot of what was said. There was a change in the Stake Presidency also, and it was exactly how it is back home, with all the former and new presidency bearing their testimonies and all. Sometimes it shocks me how the church is the same everywhere you go. Like exactly the same. :)

We work a lot with the daughters of one less-active family, the Ramirez Family. I affectionatly call them the Ram Fam. :) I love them so much!! We read the scriptures with the three daughters and I love it. It makes me wish I already had a family. I see how important it is to do daily scripture study as a family and know that´s something I want to always make sure to do.

This transfer I decided that I´m going to read the entire Book of Mormon in 6 weeks (one whole transfer). So I´ve been doing that and I love it! I´ve decided I´m going to do it every transfer for the rest of my mission. I think it works out to reading it 11 times. Plus I want to read it from start to finish in Spanish. My goal is to read it 4 times in Spanish on top of the 11 times. The Book of Mormon has such a power and I just love reading it! I know it´s true!!
Hermana Sara Slaughter

Our House

I curled our hairs

Stake Conference

Outside Stake Conference

My companion and I

I found eyes like mine

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