Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week One in the Missionary Training Center

Hola everyone!

I'm on the West Campus! I was a little bummed at first but then was so excited! All the Spanish missionaries are there as of this week so it's pretty cool. Our own little Spanish community at Qyview and Raintree. We live in Wyview and cross the street for class where we spend nearly all our time. The food is better here, less greasy and fried than the main MTC.

My P-day is today!!! MONDAYS! And we're able to go to the temple! :D We went this morning and it was so cool!

We're allowed to go to Brigham's Landing on P-days which is kind of cool too.

Get this: my district is all Hermanas! No Elders. We're all going to the Mexico City, 3 North and 3 East. We're the first ever all Hermana district for Spanish in the MTC. (Which is CCM in Spanish, dad haha). Also we're the first group of non-native sister missionaries to go to Mexico in 25 years!! So I know my trainer will be a native. I'm excited!

Since we don't have any Elders, we can't have a district leader. Instead it's a Sister Training Leader. They picked her on Thursday night and I'm glad to say it wasn't me, but it's my companion Hermana Bernhart. She's from Montana and is a convert as of a year ago.

After my first day I thought to myself "This is so wonderful, I don't know how I could be unhappy ever again." 

The second day, I felt that way until the afternoon when I started to feel overwhelmed with Spanish. All the sisters in my district have experience and background with Spanish, except me, unless you count a two hour study session with my dad, four hours before we left for the airport. I felt like I wasn't really learning and the fact that we had to give a lesson in Spanish the next day absolutely scared me!

Missionary work is so scary! It's still so hard for me! I knew it would be hard but part of me expected that I would lose my fear when I was officially a missionary, but no. It's so hard. You can't know until you've done it yourself.

I love being on a schedule though. And I love following so many rules. Yes, I'm weird. ;) So I have to wake up every morning at 6, instead of 6:30, to fit in a shower and get ready. And every night I seem to stay up until 11 cause I have so many things to do. We're so busy and I need time to write in my journal. It's nice because I don't have anything to worry about beside missionary work, but there's so much we have to do every day. it's hard though because you don't have time to prepare for the next day. You are preparing for a lesson a few hours before it happens. Scary!

I feel like I still can't say much in Spanish, but I'm so used to saying gracias and hola that it's weird not to say them. Prayers are much appreciated, especially with the learning of the language! :)

Here's my testimony in Spanish:
Yo se que Jesucristo es el Salvador y el Redentor. You se que la iglesia es verdadero. Yo se que El Libro de Mormon es verdadero. yo se que Jose Smith es un profeta verdadero. Yo se que Dios es nuestro Padre Celestial y amoroso. Yo se que las familias son eternas. Yo se que las escrituras y los mandamientos son bendiciones. Este conocimiento me ayuada a superar desafios. :)

Hermana Slaughter

Oh! And the best way to contact me while I'm in the MTC is by using Dear Elder! It's awesome! They print off the letters you type and then print them off and I get it the same day. I only have an hour to email every week so it's a lot to try and read lots of emails and respond. So just a thought if you're interested, then I can respond to the Dear Elder!

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