Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tula, Mexico Week Siete


I made it to Mexico safely!! Sorry I didn't call when I was in Arizona. There ended up being another sister who needed to call and couldn't get her calling card to work so I gave her my last one. :( On a side note, this keyboard is really hard to type on, so it's taking me forever. I couldn't find the apostrophe for the longest time.

I love it here!! Yesterday we spent the whole day with our travelling group once we got to Mexico. We went to the mission president's house to eat and stuff. Then we stayed over night in a hotel and this morning/afternoon we went to a meeting for the new elders and sisters and their trainers. We didn't find out who our trainers were until the end. My trainer's name is Hermana Zamora. She's from Ecuador! I love her! She is so sweet and so perfect for me. I'm nervous but excited and so far she is very patient with my bad Spanish. Man, I can hardly understand what anyone is saying! Oh well, it'll come eventually! She speaks a little broken English, which is really helpful. I think her English is probably better than my Spanish. I'm excited though! Also our mission encourages the native Spanish speakers to learn English so that's nice too.

We took a taxi to the bus station and then rode a bus for forever to our area. The area we're in is called Tula and there are I think three wards in it. Our apartment is really nice inside but the area around it is not what I'm used to. All of Mexico for that matter is not what I'm used to, but I love it regardless.
I can't wait to get to know the area better and start to speak the language. We met the Young Men's president and the Young Women's president and they were so nice, but I could barely understand them, even easy simple questions. We also just were at the chapel. We were going to meet the bishop I think, but he wasn't there so we came here. It's like a computer in a open room right off the street. I like it here! Everything's so cute!

I know I'll be with Hermana Zamora for two transfers which is good. She's been out three months and she's also 21. :)

Mexico City is so huge! And my mission is a lot bigger than I was thinking it would be. I haven't really noticed the pollution and I think it's beautiful here! The weather is so great too! All the natives say it's so cold, ha ha. It's like in the 50's here right now. I think it's awesome. And apparently it doesn't get much hotter here during the summertime (like 70's and low 80's). I'm so excited for everything!! Our P-day is on Monday too so I'm sure I'll be able to email then as well, but tonight I guess I got to email to let you know I'm ok. :)

Oh! And I got the package you sent today! I haven't opened it yet but I will probably tonight. Turns out they don't like you to send stuff through anything but the U.S. Postal Service, so like no private carriers, because it is hard to get because you have to be there to get the package or something weird. I didn't understand it completely. But when it comes through a private carrier you have to pay to get it. So it was like $10. But that's not bad since you sent it so cheap. Unfortunately, I don't think you'll be able to send anything else through Fed Ex. :( This mission president's wife, Hermana Call, said that most peoples' families just put money on their cards and then they can buy stuff. So just so you're aware. I love the packages, but it's ok if you don't send anymore 'cause they're so pricey.

I'm the only rubio (blonde) sister haha. I kind of knew it would be like that. It's weird. People stare at me a lot. Yesterday in Walmart men were whistling at me and it was weird. As far as safeness goes, I'm not too worried, I feel safe here. :) The next 17 months are going to be so great!

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