Monday, December 2, 2013

Week Cinco in the MTC

Me emailing!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! It was weird being in the MTC for it cause it didn't really feel like Thanksgiving at all. We were at the main campus all day. Elder Russell M. Nelson and his wife spoke to us, we had some nice free time (very rare on the mission), turkey lunch which was pretty good, a service project and then we got to watch "Ephraim's Rescue" (a pioneer movie).

One of the things Elder Nelson said was that in order for us to put Christ first, we have to put ourselves second. That's what a mission is all about. In fact, it's more than that, we need to think about everyone before ourselves. I'll be honest, that's a hard thing for me to do. It's natural for us to think about ourselves first. But, "the natural man in an enemy to God" and missions are about learning to overcome the natural man. It has been a humbling week for sure.

My companion and Hermana Turek's companions have been pretty sick this week. Friday and Saturday mornings Hermana Turek and I got to be companions while our companions got some rest. On Saturday we had to teach a lesson and it was super scary because both of us are struggling with Spanish and I worried that it would be bad with not having my companion there as a crutch for Spanish words I didn't know. But, the lesson went great! I was so proud of us, although it really wasn't us, it was the Lord. I love Hermana Turek; we get along so well. I'm hoping that she and I will get to be companions out in the field!

When I made it to 10 days in the MTC, I was so proud of myself. Now I have less than that many days left. Time is a strange concept, especially out here. I'm so excited to go to Mexico! As far as travelling goes, I fly out of Salt Lake next Monday the 9th at 6:15am (MDT) and arrive in Dallas at 10:05am. Then from Dallas at 11:55am to Mexico City arriving at 2:35pm (CDT). I'm so excited!!! It is so weird to think I'll be there a week from now (almost exactly)! There are 16 of us traveling together to the North mission!

As a side note, I discovered this week that it's nearly impossible to speak Spanish with a British accent. Just in case anyone was wondering... :)

I would highly recommend the Mormon Messages "Earthly Father, Heavenly Father" and the 3 part series "Patterns of Light." I was really touched by them both. "Darkness cannot overrule light: light chases away darkness" and "Christ is a light that is endless and can never be darkened."

Ether 6:1-12 in the Book of Mormon is about the Jaredites crossing the sea to the promised land after the Lord has commanded them to do so. These verses are comparable to our lives and our trials. in the case of the Jaredites, the wind was their trial. in verse 7 it talks about how when the boats (they were built kinda like submarines so they could go underwater) were under the water and the people wanted air, they prayed unto the Lord and He brought them back to the surface. But... the wind (their trial) was still there. He didn't take away their trial but instead made it easier to bear. Its the same with our lives. Our trials help us to get where the Lord knows we need to go, like how the wind got the Jaredites to the promised land. He's getting us somewhere better and I just love that. <3

I don't know when I'll get to email next, but it'll most likely be after I'm already in Mexico. Thanks for all the support and prayers and letters! I appreciate them mucho!! As far as "Dear Elders," if you send any, it has to be sent by this Friday, otherwise I won't get it cause of the weekend and me leaving. I'm pretty sure you can send "Dear Elders" to me in the missionfield, although it costs money, but it's a good alternative to sending a letter cause you have to pay for letters too and a "Dear Elder" would arrive faster. As far as sending mail goes, it sounds like it's not a problem getting mail to Mexico and back... about 2-3 weeks one way. Just so you all know. :)

You all are in my prayers and I ask that I may be in yours as I make my way to Mexico in a week! Muchas gracias!!

Hermana Sara Slaughter <3
Hermana Turek and Me
Merry Christmas!

After the service project (we made 350,000 packets of soup for the Utah Food Bank). :D

Picture of our Mission President

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